Local chapters


Think global, act local

Local chapters are networks of people who play active roles in the overall movement in a specific geographical region and are involved with the regional and local implementation of ECG. They contact, inform, support, guide and motivate people in business and politics, in cultural and educational institutions, and contribute significantly to spreading the vision of ECG.

Today, the ECG movement is composed of hundreds of individuals from all various sections of society, who provide their knowledge and expertise on a voluntary basis. This diversity, with the variety of experiences it brings, is the key strength of the local chapters. There are more than 100 local chapters worldwide.

Below you can see if there already is a local chapter in your area. Follow this link to learn about starting a new local chapter.


Country  Email Contact Additional information
Austria gruendungsverein@ecogood.org Wolfgang Füreder Local chapters in Austria (German page)
Croatia nenad.maljkovic@gmail.com Nenad Maljkovic  
Germany deutschland@ecogood.org Ute Haedke, Jutta Hieronymus,
Thomas Deterding, Karl Schneider,
Ralf Wagner, John Wegener
Local chapters in Germany (German page)
Italy info@economia-del-bene-comune.it Bernhard Oberrauch Local chapters in Italy
Luxemburg luxemburg@ecogood.org Gregor Waltersdorfer,
Jean Luc Karleskind
1 active local chapter
The Netherlands


Fernando Suaréz Müller,
Anne-Marie Poorthius
Groups in several cities
Portugal portugal@ecogood.org Roseli Gonçalves no active local chapters
Spain nodo-organizacion@economia-del-bien-comun.es Mariona Vidal Local chapters in Spain
Slovenia dmitriy.kopina@gmail.com Dmitriy, Nara Petrovic, Romeo Varga nascent
Sweden sweden@ecogood.org Emma Dalväg Groups in several cities
Switzerland schweiz@ecogood.org Luzia Osterwalder Local chapters in Switzerland


info@ecguk.org Bridget Knapper 1 active local chapter in London

Rest of the world

Country Email address Contact Additional information
Argentina buenosaires@economia-del-bien-comun.es Gustavo Seitun, Guadalupe Piñero und Susana Parravicini Groups in several cities
Brazil brasil@ecogood.org Roseli Gonçalves nascent
Chile chile@economia-del-bien-comun.org Gerardo Wijnant, Paula Moreno und Lola López Groups in several cities
Ghana samioduro@gmail.com Samuel Oduro Mensah nascent
Mexico mexico@economia-del-bien-comun.es Alberto Aja und Pepe Valcarcel Groups in several cities
Peru peru@economia-del-bien-comun.org Edith Claros nascent
Venezuela venezuela@economia-del-bien-comun.es Carmen Alicia Di Pasquale und Luis Madrid nascent