Cooperation, not competition

Hubs are international groups of ECG activists working on specific topics.



Hub Topics Name Email
Speakers Hub Spreading the idea of the ECG through public speeches, lectures, workshops Karin Gorgesth
John Wegener
Matrix Development Team Developing the Common Good Balance Sheet, the Handbook and other tools Angela Drosg-Plöckinger
Sigrid Koloo
Consultants Hub Consulting businesses during the process of creating a Common Good Balance Sheet Katharina Liebenberger
Lucie Lewandowski
Katja Ungar
Harald Kalcher
Auditors Hub Auditing and controlling the results of Common Good Balance Sheets Gitta Walchner
Business Hub Communication with Common Good businesses Jörn Wiedemann
Municipality Hub Supporting municipalities which want to create balance sheets or supoort the ECG Bernhard Oberrauch
Youth Hub K-12 education and outh networking Johannes Dolderer
Madgalena Langer
Science and Research Hub Research, curriculum, higher education etc. about the ECG Katharina Thill
Sara Franzeck
Union Hub Unions and Worker's Councils and the ECG Anton Lamprecht
Fundraising Hub Fundraising for the Economy for the Common Good Reto Urech
Facilitators Hub Supporting facilitators and moderators for ECG functions, workshops, conferences Christian Kozina
Communication Hub internal und external communication Stephanie Ristig-Bresser  
International Coordination Team Coordination of international networks, cooperation with other organization and public entities, implementing ECG policy withing the movement Gus Hagelberg