The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) local chapter in Uruguay, collaborated with the Association of Chemical Engineers of Uruguay (AIQU) and other educational centres and civil society organisations to launch the first edition of the “Environmental Management Program for a Possible 21st Century”. Through this program, they seek to promote a Chemical Industry focused on the common good. This event is aligned with one of ECG Uruguay’s main objectives: raising awareness and training professionals from various fields in the promotion of such principles.

From August through October 2022, a prestigious panel of professionals will gather to share valuable knowledge and experiences related to sustainable development, environmental care and regeneration, in pursuit of a professional practice that has a positive impact on the quality of life of society as a whole. Several practicing co-founders and active members of the ECG local chapter were involved in the creation and implementation of the curriculum.

Within the framework of the first module, especially focused on “Economy, society and environment”, Chemical Engineer and ECG Uruguay co-founder and co-coordinator Gualberto Trelles introduced alternative economic models for social transformation and environmental regeneration, with a special focus on some aspects of the Donut Economy and the comprehensive value proposal of the ECG, as potential solutions to the challenges humanity is facing today.

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