The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) Local Chapter in Recife, Brazil, was invited to Rec’n’Play on November 17, 2022, an annual festival of technology, entrepreneurship and culture in Brazil, to present the movement and participate in dialogue on “Hunger and Food Security in the Metaverse Era”.

The discussion was led by Sônia Lucena, Food and Nutrition Security specialist and professor at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Simone Miranda, specialist in agroecology, co-founder of the ECG Recife Local Chapter and ECG consultant, Cris Lacerda, specialist in technology and teacher at Cesar School. The conversation revolved around ECG values, the Common Good Product and if these issues are addressed in this “parallel universe” (the metaverse) in which money is the end ant not the means.

This participation was part of the agenda of Polo Ecologia Urbana, a collaborative initiative developed by the City Hall of Recife, through the Office of Recife and the Executive Secretariat for Urban Agriculture, the Recife Agency for Innovation and Strategy (ARIES) of the Catholic University of Pernambuco, CESAR e Porto Digital, and whose main objective is to promote actions and debates on the process of urban regeneration in the city of Recife.

Rec’n’Play plays an important role in connecting people to the city and fostering a creative economy. The public was able to participate in lectures and discussions on urban agriculture, food security, agroecology, climate resilience, creative economy, among other topics. This event also staged a “Good Food Festival”, that offered sustainable food options and market with agroecological products supplied directly by family farmers.

These initiatives look to strengthen tourism, gastronomy, local identity and a common knowledge on creative and alternative economies.

Image credits: Disclosure / Rec’n’Play