The Department of Applied Psychology of the University of Innsbruck is planning a long-term study in examining German and Austrian companies and organisations who implement the Common Good Balance Sheet.

“The aim of our study, which is to run over several years, is an independent review of the sustainability of the process of Common Good accounting. We plan to start with the summer semester 2020”, describes university assistant Dr. Christine Unterrainer her research project. Together with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang G. Weber, the Tyrolean researches in the Department of Applied Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck (UIBK) in the field of humanization-oriented analysis and design of work with a focus on participation and organizational democracy.

Companies and organisations are invited to participate in the long-term study with immediate effect if they are interested in or already using the Common Good Balance Sheet as an instrument, have at least five employees and their place of business is in a German-speaking country. The aim of the study is the documentation and evaluation of the process of common good accounting. The study will focus on two questions:

  • Does dealing with the Common Good Balance Sheet have a long-term effect on the behaviour of employees?
  • Can companies and organisations contribute to a society oriented towards the common good through the process of accounting for the common good?

The advantage for companies and organisations is that by participating in the study, they receive an independent and free evaluation of their organisational development and at the same time contribute to the scientific examination of the impact of a common good accounting. Information on participation for interested companies and organisations can requested by contacting Participation in the study is free of charge.