One of the pioneering companies of the ECG, elobau opens its own virtual showroom, the eloLounge. To mark the opening, the eloLounge Days will take place from 15 June to 17 June. Over the three days, there will be presentations covering the whole elobau world.

Julian Reus, the German record holder in the 100m sprint, will be a guest speaker alongside elobau’s speakers. His talk “My life under high performance” (only in German) provides an interesting overlap between high-​performance sport and business life. The topic of “Business and Sustainability” is reflected in various presentations. Visitors can take part in over 30 free lectures over the three days. The lectures cover every aspect of the elobau world: from the presentation of new products and innovations in the off-​highway and industrial sectors to the principles of the human relations team, to the work of the elobau foundation and the newly established sustainability support. The lectures will take place in German in the morning and English in the afternoon.

The virtual showroom, which will remain after the pandemic to combine the benefits of mobile work with the trade fair experience. Visitors to the eloLounge can expect a digital, interactive experience in a total of five rooms. Each of the four product families (operator controls, sensor technology, level measurement, machine safety) is located in its own room.

To visit the eloLounge please go → here.