On the initiative of representatives from e.g. the Economy for the Common Good Germany e.V., Greenpeace Germany, World Wildlife Fund Germany and the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND), “Ten theses for a social and ecological restart” have been formulated to address politics in Germany and take action.

With the publication of these 10 theses, a strong alliance was formed by a total of 39 organisations in Germany to tackle the challenges of our time in a holistic approach. The combined effort is based on the conviction that socially, equitably and ecologically committed organisations can achieve more when they join forces in their common cause.

Ten theses for a social and ecological restart

  1. Ecology and social issues belong together
  2. Climate change, destruction of nature and loss of biodiversity are existential crises for mankind
  3. Make the economy ecological
  4. Energy transition: socially fair and environmentally friendly
  5. Participation of all in environmentally friendly mobility
  6. Food and Agriculture Transition
  7. Social justice needs redistribution
  8. Sustainable forms of work
  9. Global Responsibility
  10. Implement changes in times of crisis

Read more about the theses and the organisations in German.

Image credits: @pixabay / pexels