The founders of ECG Brighton, UK – just newly formed – have produced a video about the ECG model, what draws them to it as individuals and their hopes for how it can help the community and local economy in and around Brighton. ECG Brighton co-founder Laura Sharples says:

“We have just started the UK’s third local chapter of the ECG in Brighton. The four women in the video are all graduates and current students of international development, and have a range of organising experience including as part of the group Extinction Rebellion. Our studies and practical work have led us to believe that local, grassroots, solidarity-based activism is one of the most effective ways to make change. The Economy for the Common Good provides a practical way to tackle the issues which are most important to us, such as climate justice and racial justice, by dealing directly with the systems which cause them.

We believe Brighton can be a beacon for the ECG in the UK, given its remarkably ethical ethos and the presence of so many socially conscious businesses already. The only green MP in the country serves Brighton Pavillion, and we are hopeful that we will be able to gain the support of the council and local MPs.”

The women in the video are the founders of the Local Chapter and are going to offer workshop at a Covidarity Festival.