The public programme of the WorldEthicForum will take place in Pontresina, Switzerland from 27 to 28 August, 2022. The team of people and partner organisations behind the Forum, including the Economy for the Common Good (ECG), tirelessly work towards a sustainability and solidarity-based society.

The WorldEthicForum is designed as a 7-year research journey embarked upon by 50 leaders known as Firekeepers. These people come from different locations and areas of expertise, but share a commitment for recognising and defending the rights of the Earth and all living beings. ECG initiator, writer, university lecturer and contemporary dancer Christian Felber is one of them.

The earth is our home and source of life

The initial proposition of the WorldEthicForum was born from a deep reflection on the current polycrisis and the ecological crisis in particular. The need to address the roots of the problem: the growing distance between humans and nature. These principles require that we transform the relationship between humans and other living subjects.

The two-day public programme is an invitation to join this journey from the very beginning. The weekend in Pontresina, includes hikes, philosophical explorations on an economy of love and the common good, workshops, open spaces for dialogue, mindfulness practices and a even a music premiere, among other activities.

If any of these principles speak to you, registration for the WorldEthicForum is open. Contribute to the transformation of the world, experience and celebrate radically shared aliveness together with the Firekeepers and participants.

Visit the official website for more information.

Image credits: @luisdelrio / pexels