BEST ECONOMY forum 2021– the counter-model to Davos considers it possible to have an economy which serves the common good

“Take action not words!” is the theme for this year’s alternative economic summit, the BEST ECONOMY forum (BEf), which will be held from April 2oth to the 22nd, 2021 as an online event due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. The forum, now in its second year, sees itself as a counter-model to the World Economic Forum in Davos. The BEf is a platform where everyone from microenterprises to global players can meet to exchange ideas on the topic of sustainability. The goal is to create an entrepreneurship which puts people and their real needs back at the centre – and not the maximisation of profit and growth.

For the second time, pioneers of a sustainable economy oriented towards the common good will share their knowledge through lectures and best practice examples. Among them are Antje von Dewitz (Managing Director of VAUDE), Johannes Gutmann (Founder of Sonnentor), Dirk Kannacher (Board Member of GLS Bank) and Stefan Voelkel (Managing Director of Voelkel Organic Fruit Juices).

Within the framework of moderated discussion groups, or so-called “travel groups”, participants set out on the path to sustainable development within their own companies. Experienced business consultants and moderators accompany these groups, which are limited to ten people, and thus guarantee effective, personal and intensive matchmaking.

The Best Economy forum aims to bring together established companies with start-ups and future founders, such as students, who are united by the common goal of an ecologically sustainable, socially just, and meaningful economy which operates within the Earth’s limits. It hopes to promote cross-sectoral discussion between established common good actors and companies which may only just be starting out on the path to sustainability with a focus on the common good. The panel will therefore include Christian Felber, initiator of the  ‘Economy for the Common Good’, and John Strelecky, international bestselling author and strategy consultant, as well as names which may come as a surprise to some in the context of sustainability, such as Ralf Kleber, Country Manager of Amazon Germany, and Henning Ohlsson, Managing Director of Epson Germany.

At the end of the event, participants will present their own concrete steps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and address their demands to the economy and politics at the national, European and global level to achieve these goals in the short term (2 years), medium term (5 years) and long term (15 years).

A non-profit limited liability company founded especially for the Best Economy forum and based in Starnberg, Germany will ensure the success of not only the 2021 event, but also the long-term goal and the expansion of cross-sectoral cooperation. “We would like to warmly invite all players who, like us, want to actively shape change to come and join forces with us,” says the new managing director, Carola Petrone. “Together we can use the power of the economy to serve the common good.”

The four founding organisations of the forum – Biohotels, Economy for the Common Good, Bioland and FIBL – already represent around 20,000 private individuals and 10,000 companies. In a joint manifesto, they demand that future political decisions must refrain from promoting purely financial gains and instead strengthen sustainable approaches from civil society and economic actors.

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