After three days of inspiring lectures and intense personal matchmaking the decision was easily made: The BEST ECONOMY forum (BEf) will continue to pave the way to a sustainable future in its third edition in 2022.

This year´s BEF started with a highly motivating keynote from bestselling author John Strelecky and a thundering speech from theologian Ina Prätorius. The 200 participants of the common good summit from then on took cross-sectoral deep dives into ways of how to create an ecologically sustainable, socially just, and meaningful economy which operates within the Earth’s limits.

One idea of the BEf is to provide impulses not only within the group of common good actors but outside the sustainable bubble. In consequence the presentations of controversial speakers such as Ralf Kleber, manager of Amazon Germany and Henning Olsson, CEO Epson Germany were warmly received. Being asked if he would consider a Common Good Balance Sheet, Kleber said “At least I will not exclude it”. A statement which very well describes the spirit of the BEf. It aims to embrace all kinds of companies which have decided to start their journey in to a truly sustainable economy. Or, as Jan Plagge, president BIOLAND put it: “We are at the beginning of an overarching movement of economy players who can make a real difference.”

Although the main BEf event ended on Thursday, April 23rd, the exchange of ideas will, at the request of participants, continue on the platform The many inspirations and newly acquired contacts can be reached there. All of the speakers’ presentations can be accessed again and there are also plans to create a lounge for the exchange of ideas with like-minded people. This means that anyone who has been motivated by the BEf and wants to bring about changes within their own company can find the perfect network via the platform.