Why is it that only the business leaders represented in Davos speak for the global economy among themselves and with politicians? Where is the voice of the numerous dynamic entrepreneurs in all parts of the world who are already actively tackling global problems with a new way of doing business?

The cornerstones of the BEST ECONOMY forum

Initiated by conversations of the BIO-Hoteliers with their guests about exactly these questions, the idea to create an alternative evolved some years ago. In dialogue with the partner organizations Bioland and Economy for the Common Good, this idea has grown steadily. The entrepreneurs in these organizations are united by their desire to act on their own initiative, to run their businesses in an ecologically sustainable and socially just manner, and not to wait for politics – because the time to establish a new economic model is pressing! This was the cornerstone for the foundation of the BEST ECONOMY forum – a sustainable alternative to the World Economic Forum.

Initiated by a small thought and a resulting grassroots movement, we are proud to announce: After only two years we have managed to set foot in the world economy!

Aligning the global economy sustainably – Global players meet sustainable pioneers

Making a difference in the global economy requires collaborations across all sectors, types and sizes of companies. The issue of sustainability has by no means bypassed the big players in the global economy and we see the need for dialogue. The CEO of Amazon Germany, Ralf Kleber, will be attending the Best Economy forum. On April 21, he will comment on how Amazon intends to lead the company into a sustainable future. For example, Amazon wants to vigorously counteract climate change with its “Climate Pledge”.

This pledge has already been signed by 53 major companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Henkel, Unilever, Microsoft and the pioneering ECG company VAUDE. Among other things, the companies commit themselves to climate neutrality by 2040. In order for a product to be included in the “Climate Pledge Friendly” category, it requires a certification such as the Rainforest Alliance, Oekotex, Fairtrade or Cradle to Cradle. We are looking forward to a – also critical – discussion about this at the BEST ECONOMY forum.

Another global player joining this year’s BEST ECONOMY forum is Epson. Henning Ohlsson, Director Sustainability Epson Europe and Managing Director Epson Deutschland GmbH, will take us behind the scenes of a global technology company. We will explore with him the path Epson had to take to create sustainable technologies and to act in a socially responsible way in all business areas.

The BEST ECONOMY forum 2021 will take place from April 20 to 22, 2021 as an interactive online event. In addition to inspiring keynote lectures and exciting best practice examples, you can expect a participatory process for your company accompanied by experienced management consultants.

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