The architecture company baukult ZT GmbH, based in Vienna (Austria), is reporting under the guidelines of the Economy for the Common Good – for the first time its history. On 72 pages, the team of architects and real estate experts reports on timber construction, socio-economic and ecological aspects of the company and sets the course for the next few years. For baukult’s managing director, architect Regina M. Lettner, this means establishing herself as a specialist for sustainable construction in inner-city locations in a highly competitive market: “We rely on the holistic approach to real estate. Timber construction is our top priority. Especially in inner-city locations, compaction is the order of the day. The main concern here is the conservation of resources and the effective handling of projects,” emphasizes Lettner. “As a result of renovations and additions, there is no further sealing of green spaces in urban areas.”

Baukult ZT GmbH underwent the ECG auditing process in 2020. “The Common Good Balance Sheet is the result of a thorough self-evaluation and auditing process. We invested more than 200 hours in creating it. It is the foundation stone for our future and a contribution to better, fair and social economic activity,” says Lettner, summarizing the motivation for accounting according to the guidelines of the ECG.

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