Now in its eighth year, Alternative Economic Summer University (AEMS) continues to gain recognition internationally as a place for those wanting to make a difference across the globe, with an alternative approach to the current boom and bust pattern of economics. In 2020 the programme was switched to a digital platform following the Covid-19 restrictions.

Highlights of the AEMS 2021 programme will include exciting lectures and exchanges on:

  • How can financial markets serve the broader interests of society rather than to dominate them?
  • What are solutions to the financial crisis triggered by COVID-19?
  • What are alternatives to the current economic and monetary system?
  • What role do the economic and financial systems play in the global climate crisis?
  • Official certificate worth 5 ECTS from BOKU University upon completion of the programme
  • Interdisciplinary project work in international groups under guidance from climate expert Helga Kromp-Kolb

ECG is one of the organizers and Christian Felber is one of the lecturers. Further info here.