“Economy for the Common Good in Health Care: a forward-looking perspective” is the first volume of a series of publications in German that collect and present pioneering concepts and innovative healthcare facilities that are based on Economy for the Common Good (ECG) universal values of human dignity, solidarity, social justice, sustainability, co-determination and transparency, as well as the cooperative principles of non-profit organisations.

This publication aims to contribute to the solution of structural problems in the German health care system through the analysis of public welfare, economic aspects and cooperative health facilities that combine a corporate philosophy based on values ​​that promote the common good: sustainable and for the benefit of society, thus making substantial contributions towards a practical solution.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rosenthal and Prof. Dr. Bernd Fittkau are the minds, authors and editors behind the publication. They are also active members of the ECG.  ​Thomas Rosenthal is a professor at the Diploma University of Applied Sciences, head of the Institute for Health Management (IfGM). He carries out scientific studies and evaluations on innovative approaches in outpatient care. He is also active in project consulting and support for organisational developments in the healthcare and social sectors. Prof. Dr. Bernd Fittkau was Professor of Educational Psychology and Counselling at the University of Göttingen. He is currently part of Scientific Advisory Board of the ECG and the Association of Preventologists as well as founding member of the ECG Health Hub.

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